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Arcorrion Zalle is the Former Best Friend of Zakuul Princes Arcann and Thexan, and a Member of the Knight's Of Zakuul. Son of A Scion and Knight, Arcorrion's Connection to the Force was Inherently Powerful. As a Child, Arcorrionhad A Deep Love For Vaylin, but Left Her Following Her Bombardment of Zakuul. Arcorrion is the Current Chancellor of The Zakuul Protectorate.


Early Childhood and Training

Arcorrion was Born the Only Son of Veteran Knight Tanden Zalle and the Scion Arcorri Zalle. As A Result His Force-Sensitivity was Inherently Powerful, more So than Most Knights. Arcorrion was Childhood Best Friends With Crown Princes Arcann and Thexan, and Held A Deep-Seated Love For their Younger Sister Vaylin. When His Father Died Fighting Against Extremists, Arcorrion Began to Train Relentlessly. His Skills and Loyalty to Zakuul earned him Valkorion's Attention.

Reunion With Vaylin and Becoming Valkorion's Knight-Commander

Behind the scenes

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