The Benelex Hunter's Alliance is the Brainchild of Corvosten Benelex, Officially a Guild of Bounty Hunters, the Organization is In Actuality a Shadow Guild that Ensures that the Bounty Hunters Guild and it's Guild Affiliates get along with each other and the Empire. The Benelex Hunter's Alliance Has Strong Ties To Its Parent Guilds Of Houses Benelex, Tresario, Paramexor, Neuvalis, Salaktori, Mantis, and Fett. Because Of The Favored Approach Being Stealth and Discretion, The Benelex Hunter's Alliance Has A Reputation For Professionalism, Respectful Conversation, Honor, and Confidentiality.

The Guild Is Currently Led By Ex-Resistance Captain Corvus Benelex.


Early Guild History and Founding

Initial Success

Rising Successes

Cementing Reputations

Guild Civil War

Neutrality and Victory

New Bounty Hunter's Guild

Guild Council

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