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Braden Lok is the Son of Tor Lok and Mako Lok. Being the Eldest and First Born Son of Tor's Children meant that a Lot was expected from Braden, Braden Would eventually Win the Great Hunt Called by Mandalore the Avenger to bolster her People. On doing so he became the First Mandalorian to be a Second Generation Winner of the Great Hunt, in addition to being the Progeny of the previous Winner.

Braden would Found the Mandalorian Night Stalkers, and Elite Mandalorian Guild of Hunter's.


Early Life and Childhood

Born and raised on Dromund Kaas, Braden Lok was a Mandalorian, and the Son of Tor and Mako Lok, Winners of the Last Great Hunt. Trained by His Father and Uncle at a Young Age, Braden Would Eventually Join the Imperial Army, where he distinguishedid Himself as Exceptional and Joined the Imperial Black Ops Division as a Sabotage and Explosives Experts. After Five Years of Service he was Transferred to the Imperial Sniper Corps where he honed his Marksmanship Abilities to a Highly Fine Point. His Father then had him discharged.

Becoming a Bounty Hunter

With his Skills trained, Braden was deemed ready by his Father to Become a Bounty Hunter and Sent him to Work for the Hutt Cartel. Braden Would Receive Training and Underworld Knowledge From His Father, Mother and Uncle Gault. Braden Was Sent To Nar Shaddaa to Work Under Drooga the Hutt. Braden would Spend Two Years Working For Drooga.

Drooga's Right-Hand Lieutenant

During His Two Years Working For Drooga, Braden Gained a Well-Earned Reputation On Nar Shaddaa as Hardened Fighter, and A Person Who Is Absolutely Fearless. Drooga Trusted Him Enough To Give Him Control over His Own Territory on Nar Shaddaa. Braden Primarily Ran Arms Dealing, Spice Trafficking, and Pharmaceuticals Smuggling out of His Territory in the Corellian, Duros, and Nikto Sectors. Drooga's Trust in Braden Allowed His Father's ExoGeneral Corp Company to Enter an Official Partnership with the Hutt Cartel. Because The ExoGeneral Corp Was renowned for Hunting Beasts, and Producing Highly Capable Mercenaries,

Behind the scenes

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