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Canderous Saxon is the Son of Gar Saxon, the Late Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore following the Saxon Clan's Betrayal of Clan Kryze, and Princess Harihahanna of Onderon. He is A former Inquisitor, and a Practicioner of the Grey Aspect of the Force. He is the Husband of Sabine Wren and a Former member of the Death Troopers, an Elite Special Forces Corps of the Stormtroopers.


Early Childhood and Training

Canderous was Born as the Son of Former Mandalorian Super Commando and an Onderon Princess. As a Child Canderous grew up and became good friends with Fellow Mandalorians and Former Death Watch Members Tristan and Sabine Wren. He and Tristan become as close as brothers, while he and Sabine had a deep-seated and mutual Attraction from their first meeting.

Imperial Career

Canderous was enrolled in the Mandalorian Imperial Academy in The Capital City of Sundari, where he was soon identified as Force-Sensitive, but was first allowed to attend the Academies on Yinchorr, Carida, Corulag, Raithal and Presbelt IV, he graduated from them all, and was assigned to the Inquisitorus. However he lacked the Temperament for such an Assignment and was instead Assigned to the Death Trooper's, however he was Still inducted into the Inquisitorus and Was Given an Inquisitor's Lightsaber, but he was still Trained in all the Training Regimens for environmental Stormtrooper Specialist troops, including Space a trooper Training. He was soon taken on as a Protégé of the Chiss Grand Admiral, Thrawn. Under Thrawn he quickly gained Fame and Renown, and rose to the rank of Captain. Canderous however, began to resent the Empire and the Emperor and Began to learn from Jedi Holocrons and The Jedi Archives. He Also Created a Unit of Mandalorian and Mandalorian-Trained Stormtroopers, which he called the Mandalorian Death Commandos. His Unit would eventually gain Praise from Darth Vader himself, and become a Highly valued and exclusive Unit. However this Unit would Later Part ways.

Third Battle of Naboo and Return to Mandalore

Canderous was Sent to Naboo to Investigate the reports of a Jedi leading insurgents against Imperial Forces. He arrived Via a Imperial Interdictor Cruiser, and Commandeered a Squad of Jump Troopers, he then set about hunting down the Jedi. He spent a week torturing and interrogating various captured Rebels, and learned that the Jedi was really a Simpleton carrying a Lightsaber. He sent word to Imperial Command and returned to the Inquisitorus Headquarters on Mustafar.

A Parental and Paternal Loss

Whilst on a Mission to Onderon to investigate supposed Jedi Relics, he heard of his Uncle's Death at the Hands of Clan Wren, with his Father and Uncle's now dead, he was Next-In-Line for the Position of Clan Head. He completed his Mission and Recovered several Jedi Artifacts, including several Ancient Holocrons, in the hopes that they could teach him the Light Side of the Force. He then returned to the Clan Saxon Main Compound on the Mandalorian Moon of Concordia, where he Revealed his Plans.

A Secret Switch of Loyalties

After the Death's of Gar and Tiber Saxon's, and the Latter's Dishonorable Actions, Many of Clan Saxon were no longer Loyal to the Empire, and wanted to regain their Honor. Canderous then declared Clan Saxon No More, and renamed them Clan Cuy'val Dar, which was Mandalorian for: They Who Do Not Exist. He then took his Clan to one of the Moons of Concord Dawn and Challenged Sabine Wren to a Duel. He threw the fight because it was the best option for his people. With the Cuy'val Dar Clan now a Vassal Clan to the Wren's, the Cuy'val Dar Members were now technically part of the Rebellion.

Taking Advantage of An Old Friend

Canderous Took advantage of his Connection to Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Status as an Inquisitor, so that he could Have Hundreds, even Thousands of TIE Fighters, Interceptors, Aggressors, Hunters, Oppressors, Phantoms, Advanced, Defenders, and Bombers delivered to his Clan. He also arranged for Hundreds of Quasar-Class Carriers, Interdictor's, and Star Destroyers to be delivered to him.


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