Outside of Imperial Intelligence, and Later Sith Intelligence Cipher Nine Maintained an Intelligence and Operations Network. His Network was Vast, and He Had People In Every Major Corporation, The Republic Military, SIS, Major Criminal Underworld Gangs, and Even The Jedi Order and Republic Senate. Nine's Network of Informants and Operatives Provided a Constant Stream of Information. Nine's Informants Were Assigned Three Separate Supervisory Handlers, These Handlers in Turn Reported to A Network Manager. The Manager then Encrypted The Information and Passed it On To Nine Himself.

Amongst Nine's Known People and Operatives were the Following:


For Operational Security, and Network Protection, Operatives Were Part of Cells that Were Part of A Specific System or Group. Each Cell was led by A Public Face, who was Seen, and A Shadow Face who was Not. Known Cells Include:

Indigo Cell

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