The Citadel of Imperious is the Citadel and home of the Kallig Family on Korriban. The Citadel is Extremely Well-Defended. Protected by a Powerful Shield and Hundreds of Anti-Air Defence Cannons and Firestorm Turbolasers. It's Spaceport is also Quite Large. The Citadel also Has Wings for the Three Imperial Ministries, and His Two Siblings.



Constructed on the Orders of Darth Imperious, For His Personal Korriban Retreat. Citadel Imperious is Basically an Imperial Outpost, due to the Extensive Fleet Presence, Defences, and Spaceport. The Citadel Was Protected by a Powerful Shield, that could Withstand An Unending Orbital Bombardment for Five Hundred Years. The Cannons Lining the Perimeter and The Inner Rings Were Powered by The Inferno Engine.

Invasion and Subsequent Liberation of Korriban

Pre-Invasion of Korriban and Tython

Prior to the Korriban and Tython Invasions, Darth Imperious Created The Citadel to Hold his Personal Library, and act as a Staging Ground for his forces. The Spaceport served as a Hub for his Forces. Inside the Citadel were wings for Ministry of Intelligence, War, and Logistics Personell. The Leader of the Citadel Library was Darth Seferiss.

Korriban Invasion

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