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Dravian Kallig is the First Born Son of Former Dark Lord of the Sith, Turned Grey Jedi Master, Veneradren Kallig, Formerly Known as Darth Imperious, and His Wife Lana Beniko. Dravian Grew up in the Galactic Republic and the Reformed Kallig Family in the Republic, unlike his Parents and Younger Siblings however, Dravian was not Force-Sensitive. Despite this His Father made him his Heir, and Loved him as much as his Other Children. Instead of his Parents Force-Sensitivity, Dravian Instead Recieved their Legendary Pragmatism, Humour, Insight, Wisdom, Cunning and Passion for Knowledge. Because of this his Father Saw fit to Train him in spite of his Lack of Force-Sensitivity, teaching him everything he himself knew of Alien Cultures, The Sith and Jedi, Galactic History, Imperial Tactics and Protocols, and How to inspire Loyalty, letting him carve out his own Legend in Galactic History as a Long-Remembered Republic Hero.


Early Life and history

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