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Formed By Darth Destructis During His Service As The Emperor's Wrath, and Later Empire's Wrath In The Service Of Both Emperor Vitiate, Darth Marr, and Eventually Emperor Vowrawn, The Emperor's Wrath's Power Base Is A Collection Of Specialists and Oddities, As Well As Loyal Allies and Imperials.


Early History and Formation

Formed From Before His Appointment As Vitiate's Wrath, The Power Base Of Darth Destructis Was First Formed By His Acquisition Of His Slave, Treasure Hunter, Tomb Raider, and Underworld Specialist Vette. Later Additions Included His Executive Officer Malaavi Quinn, Future Wife and Apprentice Jaesa Wilsaam, and Imperial Black Ops Specialist Lieutenant Pierce and The Psychotic Talz Broonmark. This Core Five Represented His Inner Circle, Which Would Continue To Grow and Grow As He Gained Renown and Strength Through Supporting The Imperial War Effort, Generally Alongside The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Tor Lok, Fellow Sith Lord Darth Imperious, and Imperial Intelligence Cipher Agent and Infiltration and Assassination Specialist, Cipher Nine.

New Blood

New Horizons

Salvaging Remnants

A Potent Ally

Friends On Both Sides

Republic Friends

Imperial Brethren

Shadow War

Reality Check


Core Five

Jaesa Wilsaam


Malaavi Quinn

Lieutenant Pierce


Other Members

Behind the scenes

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