The Eternal Alliance Military, Also Known As The Alliance Military, Alliance Armed Forces, and Alliance Ground Forces, Is The Chief Military Asset Of The Eternal Alliance, and It's Successor, The Eternal Imperium. The Eternal Military Is Commanded By Former Havoc Squad Commander, Raychor Organa.


Early History and Origins

Founded To Combat The Technologically Superior Zakuul, The Alliance Military Was Small, Untested, and Barely Much Of A Military Threat In It's Early Days. Through The Recruitment Of Military Specialists, Leaders Of Many, and Soldiers Of Fortune, The Alliance Steadily Grew and Grew.

Initial Engagements

Upon The Destruction Of The Star Fortresses Above Belsavis, Nar Shaddaa, and Voss, The Alliance Military Was Not Only Being Taken Seriously As A Threat, But Received Significant Support From The Inmates Of Belsavis, The Gormak and Voss From Voss, and The Hutt Cartel From Nar Shaddaa. The Hutt's Supplied Significant Black Market Weapons, Stims, Adrenals, and Technology As Repayment For Liberating The Crown Jewel Of Hutt Space, While The Guards and Inmates Of Belsavis Formed The New Bulk Of The Alliance Ground Forces. The Gormak and Voss Joined The Alliance As Commandos and Soldiers.

Gaining Ground


Primary Ground Forces

The Primary Ground Forces Of The Eternal Military Are Comprised Of Extensive Ground Troops, Droids, and Artillery. The Main Eternal Army Draws It's Tactics and Strategies From Both Imperial and Republic Doctrines, and Utilises A Hit and Run Style Of Fighting. The Main Eternal Military Vanguard Is Totalling In Excess Of Three Hundred Thousand Standard Troops.


The Alliance Vanguard Is Mostly Human, Zabrak, Trandoshan, Voss, Gormak, and Cathar Soldiers, The Gormak and Zabrak Form The Bulk Of The Army, While Humans and Voss Commandos Serve As Support Troops Within The Main Vanguard, While The Cathar Serve As Scouts and Spies.

War Droids

The Eternal Military Makes Extensive Use Of Iokath Created War Droids, Specifically The Tyth, Izazx, Scyvva, Aviela, Esne, and Nahut-Class Droids. Tyth-Class Droids Form The Bulk Of Their Ground Forces, With Titan War Machines Such As The Izazx-Class Super Destroyer Droid Serving As A Tide-Turning Factor. Nahut-Class Droids Serve The Roles Of Morale Depleting Droids and Harassing The Enemies Flanks.

Assassin Droids

The Alliance Produces A Number Of HK Series Assassin Droids, Based Off Of The Technology Of Both HK-55 and HK-51, The Resultant HK-63 Droids Are Utilised By Senior Monarchy and Military Personnel As Attache and Bodyguard Droids, While Also Doubling As Assassination Specialists For Alliance Intelligence.

Secondary Forces

Elite Combat Units

While Not Special Forces Units Or Troops, The Alliance Maintained Several Distinct Elite Combat Units, Which Were Comprised Of Specially Trained Soldiers Or Specialists, These Men and Women Were Separated By The Following Classifications.


Pathfinders Are Products Of Project Pathfinder and Lead The Alliance Forces In An Officer and Specialist Capacities. Prospective Pathfinder Recruits Are Trained Extensively By The Alliance Heroes Of Major Aric Jorgan, Captain Qyzen Fess, and Major Pierce. While Jorgan Teaches Them In Their Initial Training, Fess Follows In The Middle Stages, and Pierce Caps The Training. Jorgan's Reputation As An Expert Officer and Sniper, From His Time In The Republic Sniper Unit, The Deadeyes, and Later Havoc Squad Make Him An Ideal Teacher. As For Qyzen Fess, His Reputation As A Hunter and Survivalist Have Garnered Him Significant Prestige Amongst His People, Making Him The Greatest and Foremost Huntsman and Survivalist In Current Galactic History. Major Pierce's Years Of Service In The Imperial Black Ops Program and The Recognition From General Rakton and Darth Destructis Make Him An Ideal and Disciplined Teacher. On Missions, Pathfinders Follow The Lead Of Senior Officers Or Men and Designated By Them.





Alliance Special Forces

The Alliance Also Maintained A Special Forces Division, Co-Headed By Former Republic Special Forces Founder and Leader, General Elin Garza and Imperial War Hero Arkos Rakton

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