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The First Brother, previously known as Kae'natan Dooku, was the Son of Ex-Jedi Master and Dark Lord of the Sith, Count Dooku. Trained by his Father prior to his Fall to the Dark Side, Kae'natan was taken on as an Apprentice to Jedi Master and Council Member Shaak Ti. When the Empire rose to Power, he was among the First to Swear Fealty to the Emperor, thus sparing him from execution.


Early Life and Childhood

The Clone Wars

Galactic Empire and an Inquisitor

After surviving the Jedi Purge Due to his previous Actions, Kae'natan was amongst ths First to be recruited into the Inquisitorus. Selected by Darth Vader to be the First Brother due to his prior Training and Similar Might to the Grand Inquisitor, Kae'natan soon forsook his Birth Name, and Embraced his new identity. He fought with Tremendous Dedication to the Empire and the Emperor. He was easily the most Trusted Agent of the Emperor outside of Darth Vader.

Vader himself took a Special Interest in Training the First Brother, passing on many of his own abilities and techniques to the new Inquisitor.



First Lightsaber

As a Jedi The First Brother constructed a Unique Lightsaber possessed of Phrik Alloy Casing covered with Aurodium. The Saber itself was a combination of Two Hilt Variations. It was A Curved Hilt Saber with A Cross-Guard Hilt. The Grip of the Hilt was Wrapped in High-Quality Rancor Hide. Aside from the Uniqueness of the Hilt and the Phrik Casing covered by Aurodium, the Saber had a Bronze Blade and was Powered by a Pontite Crystal that had been passed down through the Dooku Line for Twelve Generations.

Second Lightsaber

When he Was Exiled for Having a Romantic Relationship with Fellow Padawan Talisbeth, He was subsequently recruited by the Sith Cult, the Bladeborn. He Used them to Create a New Lightsaber. He created a Lightsaber Pike. Using A Modified version of Cortosis, one that incorporated Phrik, Neuranium, and Ultrachrome, he Made A Shaft that was Resist to another Lightsaber Blade, and At the Bottom was a Unique Vibroblade Head that Could double as an Electro Staff End. He then began a Path of Vengeance with his New blade before it was destroyed by his Former Master, Shaak Ti.

Inquisitor Blade

Recovered/Reforged Lightsabers


Under the Republic

Under the Empire

As an Inquisitor, The First Brother was known to Favor TIE Defenders and TIE Hunters, though both Crafts were Personally Customized a Great Deal by the First Brother before he Used them. Overall he Preferred to use the TIE Hunter when he was likely to Face Numerous Foes, and preffered to use his TIE Defender for Non-Combat Missions.

SWB TIE Defender

Other Equipment

Powers and Abilities

Force Power

The First Brother was a Powerful Force Prodigy even as a Jedi Youngling, being able to Lift all five Mundar Stones at age Six with a mere thought. He possessed an Incredibly Powerful Connection to the Unifying, Cosmic and Physical Force, being able to converse with the Spirits of Long Dead Force-Users and Learn from them. As the Son of Count Dooku and an Apprentice to Jedi Master and Council Member Shaak Ti, he was trained Considerably better than most Jedi Padawan's his age. Some of his best abilities were Battle Meditation, Art of Small, Telekinesis, Force Repulse, Emerald Lightning, Alter Environment, Plant Surge, Dopplegänger, and Combustion.

Lightsaber Combat

Shiì-Chõ/Form I

Like Nearly all Jedi, He was Taught Shii-Cho by Yoda as a Jedi Youngling. Though having a Preference for Makishi, Soresu, Ataru, Djèm So, and Juyo, he possessed Considerable Skill in its Use and Application.

Makishi/Form II

Soresu/Form III

Ataru/Form IV

Djèm Sõ/Form V

Shien/Form V

Niman/Form VI

Juyo/Form VII

Trakata/Specialist Forms

Sokan/Specialist Forms

Jar'Kai/Niman Variant

Vaapad/Form VII Variant

Mounted Combat/Specialist Forms

Behind the scenes

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