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HK-87 was a Custom built Hunter-Killer Assassin Droid Commissioned by the First Brother of the Imperial Inquisitorus. Based off of designs of previous Models such as the original HK-47, HK-50, HK-51, HK-55, and lesser known successors, HK-87 was fiercely loyal to the First Brother, and was his aide.



Integrated Weapons System's

HK-87 Was Custom Built and heavily Modified, he possessed Considerable Processing Power and Numerous concealed Weapons System's. He was able to Utilise Flamethrowers, Portable Rocket Launchers, Dart launchers, Grenades, and a Minigun which he could attack to his back.


Similar to the First Brother's Lightsaber Pike, HK-87's Primary Armor had been made from a Modified Cortosis Alloy which incorporated Durasteel, Phrik, Neuranium, and Ultrachrome, his Chassis was of Considerable qaulity, while he was Powered by Pontite Lightsaber Crystals.

Behind the scenes

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