Not to be confused with the Mandalorian Clan Fett, House Fett is a Bounty Hunters Guild, and an Affiliate of the Bounty Hunters Guild, and later the New Bounty Hunters Guild. House Fett however was founded by two members of the Remnants of Clan Fett. The Mandalorians Boba and Kqhomo Fett's helped create the House, as a way to offer better services in the competitive business of Bounty Hunting.



The Fett Bounty Hunter House Guild is stepped in Hunting Traditions and Customs, from many different species. It was founded by the Mandalorian Cousin's Boba and Kqhomo Fett's, as a place for different Cultures to United in their own Hunting Customs and Traditions. Both Boba and Kqhomo were highly accomplished Bounty Hunters before they founded the Guild, so their Reputations carried a great deal of weight in future contracts.

Three Core Specialities

The Fett Guild was known for three specific Contract Specialities, Assassination of High-Profile and Extremely Dangerous Marks, Killing Force-Users, and Taking on Contracts that Exceeded Fifty Thousand Credits.


The Fett Guild Hunters were Frequent Employees for the Hutt Cartel and Empire, and specifically Darth Vader himself. The Contracts that required Covert Assassination of Highly-Valued and Highly-Dangerous Targets were often contracted to the Newer and Unproven Recruits of the Guild's Hunters.

Force-User Killing

Though Rare, The Hunting, Capturing, Killing, or Tracking of Force-User's was a Well-Established Proficiency of the Guild's. They would frequently be Hired by the Empire, and Later the New Republic. During the Reign of the Galactic Empire, they would often be hired as Scouts for the Eventual Pursuit of Darth Vader or another Agent of the Emperor's. This was often the Hardest Contract to be assigned as the Guild Frequently Granted them to their Most Elite Hunters.

Over 50,000 Credits

The Guild's Last Main Speciality was Taking Contracts with a Minimum Payout of 50,000 Credits. The Guild would most often give these Contracts to their Mid-Level Hunters, who were more than Capable, but not enough to take on Force-User Contracts.

Secondary Specialties

The Guild Maintains Seven Secondary Specialties That Are Used As Training Contracts For Junior Hunters. Privateering, Minimal Collateral, Anti-Piracy, Tax Collection, Private Security, Hostage Rescue, and Special Environments.


Minimal Collateral

More Difficult Than Simple Security Or Special Environments


Tax Collection

Given To Youngblood Hunters, Over A Standard Period Of At Least Three Years, Once This Standard Period Has Been Fulfilled Hunters Are Transferred To The Private Security Contracts.

Private Security

Hostage Rescue

Special Environments

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