The House Of Imperious Is The Royal Odessen House, Ruled By Former Sith Lord's Darth Imperious and Lana Beniko, As The Royal Family Of Odessen, The House Of Imperious Is Recognised By The Galactic Senate Of The Republic As A Noble House and Ally.

Family History

Founding and Roots

Once A Prestigious Sith Bloodline The Imperious Family Has Long Been Held In Esteem, Both Emperor Imperious and Empress Lana Were Well-Known For Their Almost Jedi Like Temperament and Restraint. Able To Inspire Loyalty The House Of Imperious Has Always Known How To Easily Make and Maintain Friendships.

First Members

When The Odessen Royal Family Joined The Republic, The Emperor and Empress Had Conceived A Child, Due To The Fact That Imperious Was A Sith Title, It Was Decided That Beniko Would Be The Name Inherited By Subsequent Generations Of Offspring and Children. The First. The First Child Of The Emperor and Empress Was Named Marr, In Honor Of The Fallen Dark Councilor and Close Friend Of Darth Imperious and Lana Beniko, Darth Marr. The Young Prince Marr Was Granted The Honor Of Inheriting The Throne.

New Horizons

Old Alliances

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