The Hero of Tython was a powerful Jedi Knight and later Jedi Master who battled the resurgent Sith Empire during the Cold War and subsequent Galactic War, serving as the Battlemaster of the Jedi Order. Born before the end of the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Hero trained under several Masters across the galaxy during the following Cold War until 3643 BBY, when the Jedi was sent to the Jedi Order's homeworld of Tython. There, the learner was taken on as a Padawan by Orgus Din during the conflict with the native Flesh Raiders and worked to foil the Dark Jedi Bengel Morr's plans to destroy the Jedi Order, during which the apprentice gained a loyal companion in the astromech droid T7-O1, or Teeseven. As a newly elevated Jedi Knight, Din's former apprentice foiled a plot by the Sith Lord Tarnis to use the Planet Prison Superweapon against the Republic Capital planet of Coruscant. As the Knight took on the young Jedi Kira Carsen as a Padawan, the Jedi was also recruited into the Republic Navy's elite Coruscant Aegis squadron, in which the Knight piloted a Defender-Class Light Corvette under the call sign "Shield."

Tarnis's death at the hands of the Knight caused the Sith Lord's father, Darth Angral, to declare war against the Jedi Order and the Republic, which forced the Knight and crew to travel the galaxy in order to stop the Sith's apprentices from unleashing stolen Republic superweapons. The trio halted the efforts of Imperial Intelligence to capture the Republic scientist Doctor Nasan Godera on the planet Taris, and worked with the Republic Strategic Information Service, the Republic's own intelligence agency, to destroy the Power Guard Project and defeat Angral's apprentice Lord Sadic on the moon Nar Shaddaa. The Knight and crew also hunted down and destroyed the Shock Drum weapon on the planet Tatooine, where they also convinced Angral's apprentice Praven to become a Jedi and rescued Carsen's former Master Bela Kiwiiks. The Knight's mission to Alderaan saw the destruction of the Death Mark laser and the death of Angral's apprentice Nefarid, but Angral killed Master Din and tested his new Desolator weapon on the agriworld Uphrades with horrific results. However, the Knight foiled Angral's attempts to use the Desolator against Tython and defeated the Sith Lord in battle, and as a result, Grand Master Satele Shan granted the Knight the ceremonial title of "Hero of Tython."

The Hero soon joined a strike team led by Jedi Master Tol Braga whose purpose was to capture the Sith Emperor himself. While the Jedi recovered a prototype cloaking device on the war-torn planet Balmorra, the Hero gained a new ally in the combat medic known as Doc, and rescued Braga's Padawan Sajar from Imperials and the threat of the dark side on Quesh. The final preparation for the capture of the Emperorwas a mission to the ice planet of Hoth, where the Hero worked with Sergeant Fideltin Rusk of the 301st Infantry to recover the plans for the Emperor's Fortress, after which Rusk joined the Jedi's crew. However, when the Knight joined the rest of the strike team in a confrontation the Emperor, the Sith ruler easily defeated the Jedi and turned the entire strike team to the dark side. After months of training as a Sith under Overseer Chaskar, the Hero was freed by the ghost of Master Din and escaped from the space station with the unlikely help of the Emperor's Wrath Scourge, the Emperor's personal executioner.

Scourge revealed to the Jedi High Council that the Emperor intended to consume all life in the galaxy with a dark ritual, and the Sith Lord joined the Hero's crew as the group traveled to Belsavis in order to prevent the Imperial officer Krannus from destroying the planet and starting the Emperor's ritual. The Knight then fought and redeemed fellow strike team member Leeha Narezz before traveling to the planet Voss, where the Hero worked to stop the Sith Lord Fulminiss from unleashing a plague of madness. After defeating yet another fallen strike team member, Warren Sedoru, the Hero of Tython assumed command of all Jedi on the embattled planet of Corellia, and led the Jedi forces against a corrupted Tol Braga's attempts to start the Emperor's ritual. In the Emperor's moment of weakness, the Hero and T7-O1 confronted their enemy in the Dark Temple on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas while a Republic invasion fleet assaulted the world. Despite the Emperor's immense power, the Knight apparently struck down the Sith ruler, for which the Hero was awarded the Cross of Glory and the rank of Jedi Master. Later in the war, the Hero played a role in attempting to prevent the Emperor's return at the hands of the mad Jedi Revan, and was elevated to the rank of Battlemaster as a result. However, the Hero of Tython disappeared around the time of the Eternal Empire's emergence in 3637 BBY, and the Battlemaster was still missing five years later, but would Return when the Alliance formed against the Eternal Empire. He Later Became The Head of the Alliance's Special Jedi/Sith Forces Divison.


Early Training

The Initiate took a shuttle down to the planet's surface and arrived at the remote meditation temple known as the Masters' Retreat. There, the student met with Jedi Knight Derrin Weller, who was about to send the Jedi to the Jedi Temple in order to meet with the other Masters, when Weller received an emergency signal from a Bith apprentice named Unaw Aharo. Aharo reported that Tython's native Flesh Raiders had begun to swarm into the nearby Tythonian Gnarls region, armed with blasters and headed for the Jedi outpost in the area. As the Gnarls Outpost was relatively undefended, Weller decided to send the Initiate to reinforce the Jedi in the Gnarls, and the student took an air taxi across the lake to the outpost. After the Jedi fought off a number of attacks by the violent Flesh Raiders with a vibrosword, the apprentice was contacted again by Weller, who had also joined the fight at the Outpost. Weller had learned that the Flesh Raiders were entering the area through a nearby cave, but as the other Jedi were busy holding back the attack and Weller had been wounded, the Jedi Master asked the apprentice to seal the cave. Across the Gnarls, the Jedi entered the cave and fought a path through the Flesh Raiders that were headed the other way until the student finally reached the end of the main cave.

There, the learner found a wounded Aharo, whom two Flesh Raiders and a Human were holding captive in front of the entrance to a tunnel that branched off the main cave—the tunnel that the Flesh Raiders were using to enter the Gnarls. When the apprentice reached the back of the cave, the Human, a Dark Jedi named Callef, prepared to execute Aharo with his lightsaber and informed the injured Bith that he would be the first of many Jedi to fall. However, when the second Jedi interrupted the conversation, Callef instead turned his blade on the stronger of the two apprentices and attacked the newly arrived Initiate. Yet even with only a vibrosword, the apprentice was able to fend off Callef's attacks and kill both the Dark Jedi and his Flesh Raider guards. As Callef's weapon fell to the floor, another figure arrived: Jedi Master and Council member Orgus Din, who was relieved to find the two young Jedi alive. When the Master recovered Callef's saber from the fallen Human's body, Din was troubled by a strange sense of familiarity in the weapon's design, but used the Force to collapse the next part of tunnel and end the threat to the Gnarls. Before he escorted the wounded Aharo to safety, Din told the other apprentice to go to the Jedi Temple and wait to be contacted.

At the Temple, a Mirialan apprentice named Aven directed the learner to speak with Master Muheeda, a renowned Jedi Master and teacher, for advice and training. However, as the apprentice entered the Temple, Grand Master Satele Shan herself contacted the learner and requested a meeting in her personal chambers. The Grand Master applauded the student's defeat of Callef, but questioned the young Jedi on the role of emotion and reminded the learner to look to the Jedi Code for guidance. Shan then escorted the apprentice to the Council chamber, where the other members of the Council questioned the student on the events in the Gnarls. Master Din surprised the rest of the Council when he declared that he would take on the Initiate as his own Padawan, his first student in a decade.

After the Council meeting, Din met with his new apprentice in his private chambers, and gave the Padawan full access to his personal supplies. Though Din expressed his preference of action over discussion, he also reminded his new student of the values of considering the consequences before acting, and then gave the Jedi a new assignment: speak with Sumari, the matriarch of the nearby Twi'lek settlement Kalikori village, and find out what the villagers knew of the Flesh Raiders' recent activity. Then the Padawan arrived at the village, the sick matriarch was resentful that the Jedi had only approached the villagers because of an attack on the Order itself, and revealed that her scouts had witnessed the attack on the Gnarls Outpost. However, she agreed to reveal what her people knew of the Flesh Raiders' movements for a price: the apprentice had to relieve the Flesh Raiders of a nearby weapons cache so that the villagers could protect themselves. At that point, the matriarch was forced to retire because of her illness, and her daughter Ranna Tao'Ven and the Scout Chief Moorint took over the negotiations. Moorint wanted the Padawan to destroy the weapons and deny the Flesh Raiders a tactical advantage, but Tao'Ven believed that the village would be better off if the Jedi recovered the weapons instead of destroying them, so that the village could defend itself. After the Jedi thought over the matter, Din's Padawan agreed with Tao'Ven and decided to recover the weapons.

When the Padawan fought through the Flesh Raiders to the weapons cache high in the Upper Hollowsregion of the Tythos Ridge mountains, the apprentice discovered an old astromech droid named T7-O1 locked inside. After Teeseven's restraining bolt was removed, the Padawan learned that the droid was a reconnaissance droid for the Order, and the pair returned to Kalikori with the weapons. After the pair witnessed a villager named Saylew—whose wife had died in an attack while the Padawan was gone—angrily arguing with Din and Tao'Ven, the Jedi gave the weapons to the settlers. The Padawan then showed Din the recording that Teeseven had made of a mysterious figure that issued orders to Callef and the Flesh Raiders, and Din recognized the voice of the figure when shown the hologram. Din refused to elaborate further, however, and sent the Padawan to investigate the recent sightings of Flesh Raiders in the ruins of the ancient temple of Kaleth while he discussed the figure with the rest of the Council. The Padawan fought a number of ancient defense droids that guarded the ruins of the Jedi's predecessors, the Je'daii Order, and followed the Flesh Raiders' trail into a cavern. After the Jedi defeated the Flesh Raiders within the tunnel, the Padawan emerged in a remote meditation shrine where several Flesh Raiders waited. The apprentice was stunned when the Flesh Raiders' leader called the Padawan "Je'daii," realizing that the natives could in fact speak. The apprentice also learned that the Flesh Raiders could use the Force when their leader threw the Padawan backward. Despite the natives' advantage of surprise, the Jedi managed to best the Flesh Raiders in combat.

At that point Master Bela Kiwiiks, another member of the Council, arrived with her Padawan Kira Carsen, as they had been sent to reinforce Din's apprentice if necessary. When the Togruta Jedi Master searched the body of the Flesh Raiders' leader after the Padawan told her of its use of the Force, she was disturbed to find an ancient holocron on the corpse. However, Kiwiiks and her apprentice were about to embark on another mission off-world, so she asked Din's student to plant surveillance monitors in the ruins so that the Order could monitor the area and ensure that the Flesh Raiders did not return. Despite the presence of the war droids in the area, the Padawan was able to place the three devices across the ruins. Presently, Master Din sent a holomessage requesting that his student meet him back at Kalikori village. In the matriarch's complex, Din informed his Padawan that the Order had begun preparations to stop the Flesh Raiders' newly coordinated attacks by striking at their recently discovered command base in the Tythos Ridge. However, the base was protected by a shield generator on a nearby mountain, so Din had decided to send his apprentice to destroy the generator. The Jedi Master also revealed the identity of the hooded figure from before: it was the Nautolan Bengel Morr, Din's former Padawan, who had disappeared ten years earlier during the Sacking of Coruscant, in which the Sith Empire assaulted the Republic capital planet ofCoruscant at the end of the Great Galactic War, which had preceded the Cold War. After Din warned his student not to engage Morr if the Dark Jedi was nearby, Din left to join the Jedi forces in preparation for the upcoming assault.

The Padawan headed into the mountains and stormed the cave complex where the generator was located; the apprentice shut down the shield despite the natives' resistance. However, when the shield was deactivated, Bengel Morr contacted the Jedi and told the Padawan of his goal: the destruction of the Jedi Order, whose weakness he believed had allowed the Sith to win the Great Galactic War. The apprentice rushed back to Kalikori village to warn Din, but Tao'Ven—who had been appointed matriarch after her mother's death—had not yet received any news about Din's mission. Their conversation was interrupted when a villager named Eseni rushed into the building, shouted that the village's crop fields were under attack by the Flesh Raiders. Tao'Ven begged the Padawan to stop the Flesh Raiders, and the apprentice ventured into the village's agricultural fields to defeat the saboteurs and deactivate the toxin mines that the natives had deployed to destroy Kalikori's crops. After destroying Several of the Toxin mines that the Flesh Raiders had placed in the Fields, he managed to get an undamaged one and planned to hand it over to the Temple Staff, in the hopes they could alter it's purpose to aid in the growth of the Crops rather than their destruction.

He then met Ranna and revealed that he had feelings for her, they shared a Kiss.

Master Din arrived not long after the fight and kiss, and informed his student that the Jedi had discovered the locations of many more Flesh Raider camps across Tython—too many for the Order to send only Masters. Therefore, the Council had authorized Din to send his apprentice on a mission alone to destroy a Flesh Raider camp in the ruins of Kaleth. While Din embarked on his own assignment, the Padawan traveled to Kaleth and located the Flesh Raiders' base in the cave system known as the Forsaken Den. However, the apprentice found a mortally wounded Selkath Jedi Knight named Laotah just within the entrance, and the injured Jedi explained that he had been investigating Flesh Raider activity on the surveillance devices that the Padawan had installed previously. Laotah had been caught by surprise when the Flesh Raiders inside the cave attacked him and brutally beat him with the Force before they stole his lightsaber.

After the Jedi promised to recover the Selkath's weapon, the apprentice stayed with Laotah until he succumbed to his wounds and died, and then attacked the camp within the Forsaken Den. After the Jedidefeated the Flesh Raider who had stolen Laotah's lightsaber and retrieved the weapon, which was broken in the battle, the Padawan contacted Din to report the success. However, the Jedi Master had detected an emergency alert from Kalikori, and he ordered his Padawan to meet him at the village immediately. When the Padawan arrived at Kalikori, the apprentice's Master was nowhere to be found. The Padawan questioned Tao'Ven as to the source of the alert, but she claimed that they had not sent any messages and that Din had never arrived at the village. A scan by Teeseven, whom Din had left at the complex, confirmed that the Jedi Master was not present in the area. While they talked, the Jedi was suddenly shot from behind with a stun bolt and Teeseven with an ion blast. The Padawan awoke quickly to find that Tao'Ven was standing over the pair, in mid-argument with Saylew, Moorint, and Eseni. Tao'Ven sought to stop them from killing the Padawan, as she claimed that the Jedi was not part of the deal, and Saylew revealed to the Padawan that Bengel Morr had made a pact with the villagers a few hours earlier—if they delivered Din to him, Morr's Flesh Raider forces would stop their attacks on the village. However, Morr had changed the terms and demanded the death of Din's Padawan as well. But Ranna was unwilling to loose her new-found beloved after only just gaining him, and only agreed to it on the condition that he could stay behind as a captive of the Pilgrims.

Before violence could break out, the Padawan was able to influence the villagers to put down their weapons and leave. When the apprentice confronted Tao'Ven, she begged for the Jedi's forgiveness—her inexperience and her grief over her mother's recent death had allowed the others to convince her, and she was afraid that she would loose him. When Tao'Ven asked what she should do, the Jedi told her to atone for her crimes and strive to make up for them for the rest of her life. After she thanked the Padawan, the young Twi'lek told the Jedi and the newly reactivated Teeseven that Morr had taken Din to a location called the Forge, which was a machine that the ancient Jedi used to construct lightsabers. Teeseven and the Padawan immediately contacted A-4P0, one of the protocol droids at the Temple Archives, and told the droid to send the location of the Forge to Teeseven right away. The pair raced south and headed through a tunnel behind the Tythos River's waterfall to reach the remains of a ruined city that was filled with Flesh Raiders. As they fought their way through Morr's massed Flesh Raider forces, the Padawan and Teeseven crossed the ruins and entered the canyon where the ancient Forge stood.

The Padawan found Morr and two of the Flesh Raiders whom he had trained as Force Adepts at the base of the Forge's steps, where the unconscious body of Din lay at the Dark Jedi's feet. Disdainful of his former Master's new apprentice, Morr commanded his Adepts to kill the Jedi and joined them in their attack upon the Padawan. However, the Dark Jedi greatly underestimated the other Jedi's skill and strength, a mistake that caused their duel to end in his defeat: despite Morr's experience and use of a lightsaber, the younger apprentice quickly defeated the two Flesh Raiders and engaged the Nautolan, driving Morr back and ultimately disarming him. As he acknowledged the apprentice's power, Morr claimed that he understood his destiny now: he would be the Padawan's herald, and asked the Jedi to allow him to leave and prepare the galaxy for the apprentice's rise to power.

However, the Padawan refused and knocked out the Nautolan before waking up Din, who congratulated his student on the recent battle and the decision to spare Morr's life. Din gave his Padawan the components necessary to build a lightsaber, and told the apprentice to enter the Forge and craft a weapon while Din himself took the unconscious Morr back to the Temple. The apprentice ascended the steps and activated the ancient machine, which the Jedi used to construct a lightsaber with the Force through deep meditation. However, the opening of the Forge awoke a sleeping jurgoran in one of the canyon's caves below, and the savage beast ascended the cliff to reach the narrow bridge that spanned the ravine. The jurgoran blocked Teeseven and the Padawan's path to the cave tunnel which the pair had come through, and the Jedi was forced to kill the beast with the newly crafted lightsaber in order to reach safety. Once the Jedi returned to the Temple, the Padawan met with the Council once more, and Grand Master Shan conferred the title of Jedi Knight upon the Padawan in recognition for bravery and the Jedi's role in the halting of Morr's invasion. After Shan requested the Jedi's advice on how to handle Tao'Ven, who had turned herself over to the Order for judgment, the Knight suggested that she be allowed to return to her people and that the Jedi form an alliance with the villagers. As she acknowledged the young Jedi's words as the right course of action, Shan then ordered the new Knight to take a shuttle to Coruscant to help Master Kiwiiks and her Padawan locate a dark threat that they had detected on the planet.

Early Knighthood

The newly christened Knight departed Tython with Teeseven on a shuttle and traveled to Carrick Station, the headquarters of the Republic fleet. There, the Knight spoke with the Mirialan Master Nimi, who directed the Jedi to speak with Master Cassa Hun. Hun, a Twi'lek Jedi Master, helped the new Knight decide which path to take: the way of the Jedi Sentinel or that of the Jedi Guardian, the two different types of Knights at the time. Upon reaching the capital, the Knight and Teeseven registered their arrival at a customs station in the Coruscant Spaceport. When the astromech remarked on how much Coruscant had changed, the droid then told the Knight about the Sith's Sacking of Coruscant and the death of Teeseven's previous master, Jedi Master Ven Zallow, during the fall of the original Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The pair then reported to Conference Room 2-Aurek in the Senate Tower, where Din, Kiwiiks, and Kira Carsen were in conversation with the Mon Calamari General Var Suthra.

Din introduced his former apprentice to the general and the Human Doctor Eli Tarnis, who was involved in an argument with the two Jedi Masters about his invention, the Planet Prisonsuperweapon. Tarnis explained to the new arrivals how the superweapon ionized a planet's atmosphere, a process which disabled any ships that tried to leave and safely blockaded the planet without loss of life. He stated that it was one of the most humane weapons ever created, and was annoyed that the Jedi had objections to both the weapon's existence and the fact that they had not been told of its creation. However, Kiwiiks had a more pressing objection—the design files had been stolen, and Tarnis was seemingly unconcerned about the security risks. Tarnis brushed off her protest, stating that the files were too encrypted for anyone to understand, but Var Suthra informed the Jedi that his agents had been searching tirelessly for the files.

The Knight and Teeseven headed to the Market, where they found Garn's crew deep within Guild territory, and raided the warehouse where the group had been unloading their goods. After the two defeated the surprised criminals and recovered the stolen munitions, rockets, and weapons, the pair cornered Garn in a section of the warehouse. Despite the criminal's use of autoturrets against the duo, the Knight defeated Garn and demanded the data files. Garn complied, but also told the Jedi that he had already sent a decrypted copy to his employers in the Black Sun criminal syndicate. The Jedi then contacted Galen, who told the Knight to come back to the Senate Tower immediately—they had a problem. The Knight decided to spare the thief and allowed Garn to flee from both the Republic and the employers whom he had betrayed.

When Teeseven and the Jedi returned to Galen in the Senate Tower, the agent revealed the problem: Black Sun had kidnapped Tarnis from right under their noses while the Knight had been in the Market. Carsen had led a security team to the spaceport to stop the kidnappers, but as they were embroiled in a firefight with the gang members, Galen sent the Knight to aid the security forces. Upon their arrival at Docking Bay 84, the Jedi and Teeseven found Carsen and her team locked in a stalemate with the Black Sun kidnappers. Carsen then proposed a plan: she would use a stealth field generator that she had "borrowed" from Galen's office to sneak past the kidnappers, while the Knight and Teeseven cleared a path through the criminals. After they broke through Black Sun's lines, the Knight and Teeseven searched the hangar but found no sign of Tarnis—and after they defeated Zeer, the leader of the kidnappers, Carsen tricked the criminal into revealing that the whole operation had been a farce: Tarnis had been smuggled away to Black Sun territorywhile Zeer and his men distracted the security team.

Teeseven and the Knight returned to the Senate Tower and located Galen in Strategic Command, where they found that General Suthra, Din, and Kiwiiks had returned from their meeting with the Supreme Chancellor, and Suthra was both furious and worried. An SIS analyst had decrypted the stolen files and learned that they contained information on not only the Planet Prison, but every Republic superweapon project in existence. Din and Kiwiiks agreed to secure two of the three weapons facilities, while Galen would handle the third, and the two Masters departed Coruscant for the installations. Before he left, Galen placed all of his resources at the Knight's disposal and told the Jedi and Teeseven to contact SergeantNidaljo of the Coruscant Security Force, the leader of a special tactical unit of CSF officers. Nidaljo and his men had been in Black Sun Territory for months, and would be a great advantage in the Jedi's rescue mission. However, when the duo fought their way through the gang-controlled region and finally found Nidaljo's team, they discovered that the CSF was under assault by Black Sun members with advancedarmor and weaponry. After the two defeated the attackers and secured the CSF barricade, the Jedi met with Nidaljo and learned the full story. The unit had been in the process of securing a perimeter around thesyndicate's headquarters, but they had lost seven men with over a half a dozen wounded, and were also surrounded by hostile Black Sun forces. Nidaljo had given up hope, but the Knight was able to inspire the sergeant and his men to finish their job: assisting the Jedi and rescuing the doctor.

The Knight and Teeseven then knocked out the security network for the gang's headquarters and attacked the front entrance, while the CSF team assaulted the back entrance. The astromech and the Jedi reached the command center first, where they were surprised to find Salarr—the leader of Black Sun—in conversation with Tarnis via holocomm. Salarr raged against the doctor for his failure to help them stop the Knight, which revealed that the entire kidnapping plot had been a sham. Tarnis was in fact a Sith Lord who had manipulated both the Republic and Black Sun to his own ends: he had hired Garn to steal the files, and also had Black Sun stage his "kidnapping" so that he could escape from the Senate Tower without suspicion and then acquire the Planet Prison for himself. Before he terminated the call, Tarnis informed the Jedi that Coruscant was doomed and ordered Salarr to kill the Jedi. Nidaljo and his men arrived at that moment, and a blaster bolt from one of the officers took down one of Salarr's men who was about to shoot the Jedi in the back. The CSF and the Knight defeated Salarr in the fight that followed. Carsen then contacted the Knight via holocomm as she informed the Jedi that the SIS had intercepted Tarnis' transmission. The engineering team for the Planet Prison had disappeared, and the prototype in the labwas a fake—Tarnis had the real weapon. The Knight ordered Carsen to trace Tarnis' transmission before they returned to the Senate Tower while Nidaljo and his men pulled out of the area.

In a meeting with Var Suthra, Galen, and Carsen, the Knight learned that the SIS and Carsen had traced Tarnis' location to a military vault in Justicar territory. Carsen accompanied the Knight into the area, which was controlled by the militant vigilante group known as the Justicars' Brigade, and the pair fought their waythrough into the group's main detention facility where the signal had originated. There, they discovered the dead bodies of the engineering team, and found the only person still alive: a technician named Jonkan, who told the two Jedi what had happened. Tarnis had tricked the members of the project, telling them that the Jedi intended to shut it down and asked them to steal the prototype for him. However, when the researchers arrived with the weapon, Tarnis killed them all. Before he died, Jonkan told the Knight that the Planet Prison needed time to charge up, and it generated an enormous amount of heat in the process. Thanks to the scientist's help, Carsen and the Knight were able to track Tarnis' location to the ruins of the old Jedi Temple.

The duo raced to the Temple through The Works, the industrial sector of the planet, and they were forced to fight their way through Imperial forces who had been searching the ruins for a navigation computer. The Knight and Padawan found Tarnis deep within the Temple, where the traitor had set up the Planet Prison's main control systems in one of the ruined chambers. Tarnis was in the middle of a holocomm conversation with four other Sith Lords as he informed them that the Planet Prison was almost ready to fire. The oldest of the four, a Human male named Darth Angral, congratulated Tarnis and called him "son." However, the Knight and Carsen interrupted the conversation at that point, which caused Lord Sadic—one of Angral's apprentices, just like Praven and Nefarid, the other two figures in the hologram—to chide Tarnis about loose ends. Tarnis refused his opponent's request that he surrender before informing the Jedi that the Planet Prison was minutes away from firing. Tarnis drew his blood-red lightsaber at the urging of his father and then charged at the Knight and Carsen while unleashing a storm of violent lightning. The two Jedi and the Sithdueled in front of the holocomm, and Angral was forced to watch as the Knight struck down his son before his very eyes.

Angral declared undying hatred for the young Jedi in the minutes after the battle, and he swore to unleash untold devastation upon the galaxy to gain retribution. Lord Praven promised to kill the Knight personally, while Lord Nefarid gloated that they already controlled the Republic's superweapon projects. Furious, Angral gave the Knight a warning to deliver to the Jedi Council before he terminated the communication: he had returned, and—unlike Angral's last attack on the Republic during the Sacking of Coruscant—there would be no mercy this time. However, the Planet Prison had not yet completed its startup sequence, and the two Jedi were able to disable and destroy the weapon.

Strike of the Desolator

Upon returning to General Suthra at the Senate Tower and speaking with Grand Master Shan via holocomm, the Knight and Carsen learned from Suthra that Tarnis had sent the stolen superweapon files to his father before dying. Angral had declared war on the Jedi—the Knight in particular—in transmissions across all Republic channels, and since neither Din, Kiwiiks, or Galen had reported in, Var Suthra feared that the Republic's weapon projects were in danger. The Empire had declared that Angral was no longer under their protection and that his actions were unsanctioned, but the Mon Calamari strongly doubted that the Empire disapproved. Suthra asked the Jedi to go to the planet Ord Mantell, where his agents had traced Tarnis's transmission, and gave the Knight a Defender-class light corvette as a personal ship. At Shan's request, the Knight also took on Carsen as an official Padawan and assumed the role of Carsen's teacher in Kiwiiks' absence.

Ord Mantell

The Knight, T7-O1, and Carsen took their new ship to Ord Mantell, which had been engulfed in a civil war for several years between the Republic-supported government and a separatist movement. General Suthra's agents had recently discovered that the Imperials had been aiding the movement by listening in on Republic transmissions from the Empire's secret listening post there. After they docked their ship aboard the Ord Mantell Orbital Station, the three contacted Suthra from the ship's holocomm. The Mon Calamari told the Knight to meet Agent Ottau on the surface and take Teeseven along so that the droid could hack into the Imperial facility's transmissions. Carsen was left behind to guard the ship while the Jedi and Teeseven took a shuttle down to the Republic's Fort Garnik on the island of Avilatan, where they found Ottau on the outskirts of the base.

The SIS agent informed the Knight that his scout droids had been destroyed by the Imperial defenses, but he gave the Jedi the coordinates of the small island just north of Oradam village where the listening postwas located. After they crossed the battle-scarred territory between Garnik and the island, Teeseven and the Jedi forged a path through the Imperial defenses and descended into the facility's lower levels, where they eliminated all who opposed them. Finally, the two approached the post's hyperspace transceiver but found the last Imperial alive, a Lieutenant Marcovic, standing in their path. The Knight defeated the vibrosword-wielding Imperial officer, and Marcovic was disarmed and fatally wounded in their fight. As Marcovic stumbled backward, Teeseven approached the transceiver and began to slice into the listening post's records. The astromech found the record of Angral's transmission to Coruscant almost immediately and was able to trace the Sith Lord's signal back to the source, which allowed him to recover a copy of the files that Tarnis had sent to his father in the process. These files included plans for something called the "Desolator," and the Knight told Teeseven to copy everything. When he realized what the two were doing, Marcovic charged at the droid in a suicidal attempt to stop him. The Jedi was not fast enough to cut him down before he destroyed the transceiver.

Their mission completed, the Jedi and Teeseven left the listening post and returned to Agent Ottau. After informing him of their success, they took a shuttle back up to the Orbital Station and returned to thedocking tube to board their ship. However, their path was blocked by a surprising scene—a Sith Inquisitor was holding a lightsaber blade to Carsen's throat as several Imperial commandos trained their weapons on the Jedi. The Sith introduced himself as Ferav, an agent of Darth Angral—who had just departed from the station. Angral's forces had captured Carsen after Imperial spies aboard the station recognized her, and Angral himself had come to the station to interrogate her. Carsen had managed to trick the Sith Lord so that Angral believed that the Knight was on Corellia, and Ferav had remained behind as insurance while his superior departed. Ferav ordered the Jedi to surrender or he would kill the Padawan, but Carsen called his bluff—Angral had told his subordinate that he wanted to kill Carsen and the Knight personally, and Ferav would not dare disobey. Furious, Ferav threw her aside and drew his lightsaber as he ordered his escorts to attack. The Jedi engaged the Inquisitor in a duel, during which the Knight struck down the Sith and defeated his commandos.

When the trio boarded their ship, the team contacted General Suthra to report their success. In the time since the Knight and Teeseven had left the Imperial base, Suthra's analysts had examined the data from Teeseven and determined several locations that were likely among Angral's targets. The "Desolator" files had revealed that Angral had sent agents to capture all of the Republic's weapon projects in an effort to construct the Desolator weapon, and Suthra asked the Knight to travel to both Taris and Nar Shaddaa in order to put a stop to some of Angral's plans. Around this time, the Knight was contacted by Flight Commander Judin of the Republic Navy, who recruited the Jedi into the elite fighter squadron known as theCoruscant Aegis—a new initiative by Fleet Admiral Numinn intended to break Imperial offensives quickly and quietly. Given the call sign "Shield," the Knight would fly missions for the Aegis across the galaxy throughout the next few years.

The Architect of Annihilation

As the Jedi sensed that Suthra was more concerned over the situation on Taris, the Knight ordered Teeseven to set a course for the world. Taris had been a thriving city-planet until the Sith Lord Darth Malak ordered an orbital bombardment over 300 years before in an attempt to kill the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan. Over the last three centuries, the wreckage of the city had become overgrown, and the world was now a tangle of jungle and metal, haunted by wild beasts, including vicious creatures known as rakghouls. Recently, the Republic had started a resettlement initiative supported by the Republic Military, and the reconstruction efforts had seen progress under the leadership of the Twi'lek Governor Leontyne Saresh.

After they landed their ship at Olaris, the headquarters of the Republic resettlement initiative, the Jedi team contacted Suthra. The Mon Calamari confirmed the Knight's suspicions—he was concerned that the Sith had learned the location of one Doctor Nasan Godera. A brilliant weapons scientist with a deep-seated hatred of the Empire, Godera was the original creator of the different technologies that the Republic superweapon initiative later weaponized during the Cold War under Suthra's leadership, including the Planet Prison. However, Godera had left in disgust after the Republic bowed to the Empire when they submitted to the Treaty of Coruscant, and SIS agents had eventually tracked him to Taris. Godera maintained a series of secret laboratories in the ruins of the city-planet, manned by droid assistants, and the SIS had been content to allow the scientist to remain there in peace.

However, Suthra suspected that Tarnis had learned of Godera's location and leaked it to his father Angral, as the files recovered on Ord Mantell mentioned Taris too often for the general's liking. The Knight's assignment was to find and retrieve Godera for his own safety and investigate whether the Imperials had learned of his location. Suthra's suspicions were correct—upon their arrival at one of Godera's labs, the Knight and a companion found the facility overrun with Imperial forces. After they fought through the enemy forces, the pair encountered a holofeed of a man who identified himself as Watcher One of Imperial Intelligence. Watcher One was a high-ranking intelligence officer, and attempted to undermine the Jedi's confidence by revealing his knowledge of the Knight's exploits on Tython. Watcher One further informed his opponent that duty required him to capture Godera before the Jedi could find him. The agent ended the conversation just as several Imperial soldiers decloaked themselves and opened fire, which forced the pair to defend themselves. The Knight and the Jedi's companion defeated the attackers, but were surprised when one of Godera's droid assistants emerged from the wreckage of the lab and introduced himself as RE-M0.

When he learned that the individual who stood before him was a Jedi, RE-M0 confirmed that Godera's programming allowed the droid to override his main directive to only interact with the scientist and, as the current situation qualified as a crisis, interact with a member of the Jedi Order. RE-M0 revealed that he had been instructed to spy on the Imperials, and that he had witnessed Watcher One use the facility's computers to track Godera's biosignature. After he had done so, however, the agent had disabled the computers in an attempt to prevent pursuit by the Knight. RE-M0 then suggested that the Jedi reset several of the exterior tracking relays while he repaired the computers, which would allow them to locate the doctor. The Jedi therefore departed the lab and ventured deeper into the wilderness, where the Knight and the Jedi's companion located each of the three tracking relays. Despite the heavy pirate presence in the area—the ruined buildings and crashed ships had drawn many scavengers—the Knight and the Jedi's companion were able to reset the relays. RE-M0 then tracked Godera to one of his laboratories near Lake Brell to the south, and since the droid was not suited for combat, the Knight told the droid to remain where he was. Meanwhile, the pair headed south past the Republic's Waypoint Station Draay and to their target—a laboratory in the Brell Sediment region.

Upon the pair's arrival at the facility, the Jedi was surprised to encounter a Rodian named Kulaa and his injured friend. Kulaa claimed that he and his companion had been Godera's assistants, and they had escaped when the Empire had attacked. After the Jedi told the Rodian to carry his friend into hiding, the Knight stormed the Imperial-held facility, where the pair cut a path through the enemy forces—but the Jedi was dismayed to find Godera dead on the floor at Watcher One's feet. Watcher One announced that Godera had killed himself rather than face interrogation, and the agent was prepared to agree to a cessation of hostilities and leave Taris—but the operative was interrupted when RE-M0 rushed into the room. The droid managed to warn the Jedi that Godera was not dead—he had run a second scan and located the doctor's bioscan in a different location just a few minutes ago—before the agent shot Godera's mechanical assistant. Cursing, "Watcher One" then activated a device on his wrist and disappeared as a heavily armored Imperial commando captain appeared in his place. The Imperial and his now uncloaked commandos opened fire upon the Knight and the Jedi's companion, which forced the pair to eliminate their hostile enemies.

Watcher One contacted the Knight immediately after the skirmish and revealed that "Kulaa" and his "friend" had in fact been Watcher One himself and the unconscious Godera—the entire affair had been a farce. However, before the Jedi could respond, the Imperial proposed a deal: a Sith assassin was on the way to eliminate a Republic colony nearby, and Watcher One would give the Knight the location of the colony in exchange for time to interrogate the scientist; the operative would then give the Knight Godera once he had acquired what he needed. Forced to choose between the lives of the colonists and the mission, the Jedi begrudgingly accepted the Imperial's offer and raced to the colony bunker on the shores of Lake Brell. As the Jedi burst into the bunker, the Knight warned the colonists' leader Yelzrin of the coming threat and told him to evacuate the colony, but it was too late—with a crash, the assassin and her two jurgoran pets barreled through the door. The assassin, a Sith Pureblood by the name of Rora Seake, warned the colonists that they should not have returned to Taris just before she ordered her jurgorans to attack the Knight. Despite the beasts' massive size, the Jedi was able to defeat the two creatures, which prompted Seake to draw her orange-bladed lightsaber and engage the Knight in battle. Seake was skilled, but in the end she was no match for the Knight's own innate power and fell to the Jedi's blade.

With the colonists now safe, the Knight and the Jedi's companion rushed to the Imperial Intelligence Outpost in the depths of the partially-collapsed Transport Station 5. The two proceeded to fight through the rakghoul-infested tunnel system and cut a path through the Imperial forces that protected Watcher One's base, but the Knight found that the operative had already extracted the information he needed from Godera and was already beginning to transmit it to Darth Angral. Angral was furious to learn that Watcher One had compromised with his son's killer, and he ordered the agent to take the Jedi alive and bring the Knight before him. As he ended the transmission, Watcher One apologized for breaking their deal as he had to follow his duty, and then opened fire on the Jedi. The Knight was able to defeat the agent, however, and the Imperial asked what the Jedi planned to do with him. When the Jedi realized that Watcher One was an individual who valued honor, and that he worked with the Empire only out of a sense of duty, the Knight allowed the man to leave in peace. While Watcher One fled from the planet, the Knight freed Godera from his restraints and escorted him back to the spaceport in Olaris. There, the Jedi placed Godera in the custody of SIS agent Fau-Kes, who returned the doctor, now willing to resume his work for the Republic, back to the capital.

Power Guard Project

After they departed Taris, the Knight and crew traveled to the heart of Hutt Space, where they arrived at Nar Shaddaa, the moon of the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta. The Smuggler's Moon, as it was often called, was considered neutral territory in the Cold War, so both the Empire and the Republic had official and unofficial presences on the world. Once they approached the moon in orbit, the crew contacted General Suthra and learned that Agent Galen still had not reported in, which left the Mon Calamari deeply concerned. Suthra then warned the Jedi about the Nar Shaddaa weapons project, which he believed should have ended years earlier: the Power Guard project. After the Treaty of Coruscant, the Senate authorized the military to begin research into the transformation of ordinary men into living weapons, and Nar Shaddaa's black market for both adrenal implants and cybernetics made it the perfect location for the project.

The project's goal was to create soldiers strong enough to take on a Sith single-handedly, something that the Knight objected to—the Republic already had Jedi for that. As Suthra pointed out, the Order had been severely wounded after the Sacking, and Nar Shaddaa's neutral status and lack of law enforcement allowed the project to progress in secret. That brought the general to the situation on the moon: after the Planet Prison files had disappeared, Galen had sought out the operative in charge of the Power Guard project, but the agent still had not reported back in. The Jedi's assignment was to contact the SIS unit and then locate Galen and the project, so the Knight and crew landed at Deucalon Spaceport and took a taxi to the Promenade, a shopping and entertainment center located nearby. There, the Jedi and a companion entered Gudnem's Gadget Emporium on the Lower Promenade and accessed the secret turbolift in the back of the store, which delivered the pair to the SIS safe house located beneath the shop. There, the Knight met with Bureau Chief Rieekan, who brought the Jedi up to date on the situation.

Galen and the SIS operative had disappeared in an area of Nar Shaddaa known as the Nikto Sector, and all that Rieekan knew about Galen's actual assignment was that he had been working directly for Suthra. Galen had left coded reports at SIS dead drops across the Nikto Sector, which could be used to track the SIS agent, but the whole area had become hostile to outsiders in the last few days as the Nikto gang known as the Kintan Kings seized control of the region. Rieekan had subsequently been forced to extract all of his agents from the area. Their conversation was interrupted by Special Agent Korol Tander, who was concerned that the Imperials had compromised them: only half of the SIS field agents had responded to the omega alert signal that he had just issued. Tander demanded that they abandon shop, which the chief shot down immediately—the unit had a responsibility to aid the Jedi in the mission. The Knight and the Jedi's companion took an air taxi to the Nikto Sector, where the pair made their way through the Kintan Kings to locate Galen's three dead drops. After the Jedi collected the reports, the Knight transmitted them back to Rieekan, who was able to decode the reports and a recorded message. In the holo, Galen reported that the operative whom he had been tracking turned up dead, and that there was clear evidence of torture—furthermore, the files on the Power Guard project were nowhere to be found. Galen had been unable to locate the main facility, but had managed to find a recruitment center in the area, where the project had recruited refugees as test subjects.

Rieekan transmitted the coordinates of the center to the pair, who followed the trail and found that the facility was under the control of a group of Imperial shock troopers. The Knight and a companion caught the shock troopers by surprise and quickly eliminated them before they freed their prisoners. One of the captives, an Anomid named Vell Narroc, revealed that he worked for the project and told the Jedi that Galen had been captured by the Imperials when he had stumbled upon the recruitment center. The Imperials' leader had wanted Galen alive, and the agent had been taken to the main lab in the Red Light Sector. When the Knight arrived in the Red Light Sector, Rieekan contacted the Jedi again and revealed his plan to locate the lab. The sector was one of the busiest on Nar Shaddaa, so if the Jedi knocked out several power conduits in the sector, the SIS would be able to sort through the remaining power readings and hopefully locate the project lab. The Knight and a companion therefore fought through the Bleeder gangs—groups of organ harvesters—who controlled the area and damaged several conduits. The SIS's plan was successful, as they were able to detect only one building that maintained a constant power reading when the conduits were sabotaged, and Rieekan sent the Jedi the lab's coordinates immediately.

Upon arrival at the lab, the Knight found the facility under the control of Imperial forces and quickly cut a path through the soldiers to reach the main chamber, where the Jedi found an Imperial officer by the name of Graul in conversation with a masked figure via holotransmission. The figure, whom the Knight recognized as one of the men Tarnis had spoken to in the Jedi Temple, introduced himself as Lord Sadic. An apprentice of Angral, he congratulated the Jedi on the defeat of Ferav and Watcher One, and informed his enemy that he had expected the Knight's arrival—once his men in the Nikto Sector failed to report in, Sadic knew that it was the Jedi's doing. Commander Graul angrily accused the Knight of the murder of good and loyal men at the recruitment center, something which the Jedi apologized for, but Graul refused to accept it.

Their conversation was interrupted when Sadic activated a trio of Mark I Power Guards, heavily armored and armed with both blaster rifles and vibrostaves. Astounded by Sadic's cruelty and callous disregard for the lives of refugees, the Knight failed to get answers about Galen's whereabouts from Sadic before the Jedi was forced to fight Graul and the Power Guards. The Imperial and his mind-controlled soldiers quickly fell to the Knight's blade, and the Jedi recovered a datapad from the commander's body, which Rieekan asked to see when contacted. The Jedi's companion and the Knight made their way back to the Promenade, but were alarmed to find the storefront that hid the SIS base under attack by Mark II Power Guards. After the two defeated the soldiers in the shop, the Jedi and the companion descended the turbolift to the safehouse and found that more Power Guards were holding the remainder of the SIS unit hostage. After the agents were freed, the Knight found Rieekan dead, but Special Agent Tander and Agent Diyaz were still alive. Tander began to panic and decided to abandon the Jedi, so he ordered Diyaz to pack up and leave, but the Knight thought quickly and gently persuaded the Twi'lek agent to stay, an action that did not pass unnoticed by Diyaz.

Diyaz agreed to aid the Jedi and began to decode the datapad, which revealed that the Sith had taken the Power Guard research to a fallback position in the Lower Industrial Sector. More specifically, the coordinates pointed to an Imperial-controlled weapons factory in the region, and the Knight departed for the new target with a companion after the Jedi instructed Diyaz and Tander to contact General Suthra for reinforcements. After they traveled to the Lower Industrial Sector, the pair stormed the factory and eliminated all opposition within the outer chambers. The duo then unsealed the security door to the main room, but were surprised to find a hulking and familiar figure within: Galen, transformed into a Power Guard. Their ally warned the pair that they should not have come—Sadic had complete control of the agent, and had already forced him to reveal the location of the SIS safehouse. Almost two-thirds of the agent's biological mass had been replaced with cybernetics, and Galen explained that resisting Sadic's commands caused unbearable pain.

When the Knight tried to offer help, a holotransmission of Sadic interrupted the Jedi and derisively mocked the suggestion. Sadic's control of the agent was complete, and Galen's resistance was a minor obstacle—something he demonstrated by forcing the SIS operative to attack his allies against his will through the use of Galen's implants. A pair of Mark III Power Guards dropped down into the room as Galen opened fire, which forced the Knight to bat aside the blaster bolts and charge at the agent. Despite Galen's advantages in size and cybernetic enhancements, the Jedi was able to disarm and defeat the Power Guard, and the SIS agent collapsed to his knees. As he fought Sadic's commands, Galen suddenly relaxed as the Knight's damage overloaded the neural implants that kept him controlled. However, the effects were only temporary, and his systems had already begun repairs, so he asked the Jedi to kill him—the process was irreversible, and he'd rather die than continue to be a pawn of the Sith. Sadic intended to build thousands of Power Guards out of the Imperial prisoners of war in the prison district of Shadow Town, and Galen begged the Knight to eliminate him just as his systems came back online. However, the Knight refused to give up hope and denied Galen his request; the Jedi urged the agent to hold on and reminded him of his duty. The Jedi's words inspired the operative and gave him the strength to fight his programming, and he agreed to aid in the fight against Sadic. However, to be safe, he decided to travel alone to Shadow Town and departed from the factory by himself.

After they took an air taxi to Shadow Town, the Knight and a companion cut a path through the Imperial guards and the district's defenses to reach Sadic's lab deep in the region. There, the Jedi defeated the Mark III Power Guards that guarded the facility, and entered the lab to find something horrifying—in the pursuit of greater power, Sadic had undergone the perfected Power Guard process himself, which had transformed him from a man of average size and height to a hulking behemoth of cybernetics and armor. Disgusted bu the Sith's willingness to cast aside his humanity so easily just for greater power, the Knight warned Sadic to surrender: his new strength would not save him from the power of the Force. Amused, Sadic began to muse about adding the Jedi to his army before he was interrupted by the arrival of Galen, who warned the Sith that his time was over. Upon seeing that Galen was still functional, Sadic used a voice command to trigger the agent's implants at maximum and demanded that he obey or die. As Galen began to convulse in pain, the Knight urged him to fight back—Sadic only had power over the man if he allowed the Sith to control him. A laughing Sadic declared that he was power, but Galen spun around and leveled his blaster at the Sith Lord. Galen and the Knight's companion charged alongside the Jedi, and in the fight that followed they defeated Sadic's Mark III Power Guard bodyguardsand engaged the armored Sith Lord himself. The cyborg's size and power allowed him to bat aside his opponents like insects, but despite Sadic's might the trio stood strong against the Sith's attacks and wore him down. Together, the three were able to overcome the Sith and sent Sadic's armored form sprawling lifeless to the floor.

As they put away their weapons, the group was surprised to see Agents Diyaz and Tander enter the room along with several Republic commandos. Diyaz had planted a tracker on the Knight when they last met, and he had convinced his superior to come to the Jedi's aid. Tander introduced the commandos as members of Blackstar Squad, a unit from the Republic Special Forces Division, who had been called to Nar Shaddaa as part of a favor that Suthra had called in from General Elin Garza, the head of SpecForce Division. The squad's assignment was to destroy Sadic's lab and recover any useful information, but Galen asked to remain and die with the facility. Tander and the Knight were able to convince Galen otherwise, reminding the agent that Sadic had no power over him anymore and that the SIS would help him.

As some of the commandos escorted the wounded Galen out of the lab, Diyaz announced that he had located the Power Guard files and asked about what to do with them. Despite His Reservations, the Knight ordered Diyaz to Make a Copy and Forward it General Var Suthra to Decide and delete everything on the Computer. Before Leaving He Told Diyaz to Send an Additional Copy to Himself. Upon their return to the spaceport, the Knight contacted Suthra via holocomm and was thanked for the decision to Forward the project files To Him. The Mon Calamari was relieved to hear that Galen was alive, but was also saddened at the loss of Rieekan and his agents. When Suthra informed the Jedi that he was sealing the files on what happened on Nar Shaddaa, the Knight objected—keeping secrets was what had gotten Rieekan and his men killed and Galen captured by the Sith. Realizing the truth of the Jedi's words, the general promised to file a full report with his superiors.

Kira's Past

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