Mandalore's Fist is the D5-Mantis Patrol Craft of Tor Lok, It's Appearance alone has been known to Scare Hardened Criminals, due to Tor's Reputation. Following the Death of Jedi Battlemaster Jun Seros, and Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus, Tor Had the Ship retrofitted with Experimental Hyperdrive, Sensors, Communications Relays, Power Plants, and Sublight Engines. The Ship is he Flagship for the ExoGeneral Corp Fleet.


Early Service and Pre-Theft

Weapons System's

Proton Explosives

Proton Bombs

Proton Torpedoes

Proton Missiles

Concussion Explosives

Concussion Missiles

Concussion Bombs

Concussion Torpedoes

Secondary Explosive Weapons

Seismic Mines

Standard Weapons


Ion Cannons

Quad Cannons

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