PROJECT: Pathfinder is A Joint Military and Scientific Research Project Dedicated to The Improvement of Soldiers Through Multi-Purpose Cybernetic Enhancements. Using A Combination of Zakuulan Technology, Alliance Scientists and Engineers, and Exotic Technology Created by Notable Scientist Dr. Tharan Cedrix and Co-Designed by Former Havoc Squad Technician and Science Officer Yuun, The Eternal Alliance Created Their Own Version of Zakuulan Exarchs.


Using A Combination of Specialised Training, Medicine and Adrenals, and Other Things, The Results Were Promising Enough to Devote Moderate Resources Towards. Pathfinder Troopers Receive Internal Cybernetics in Their Brains, Eyes, Ears, and The Majority of their Bodies. The Results are That Troops Have An Almost Force-Sensitive Intuition in Regards to Technology and their Like, Can Operate Longer and Require Less Supplies. PROJECT: Pathfinder Focuses On Cybernetically Augmenting Organs Such as The Brain, Heart, Lungs, and Their Muscles. Pathfinders Who Wish to Progress Their Enhancements Receive Extensive Bio-Technological Enhancements, Their Bodies Are Encased In Special Pathfinder Armor, Which has Built-In Oxygen In-Take, Adrenal and Stim Injectors, Which are Used to Increase Combat Effectiveness. The Suits Have Been Based Upon The Armors of Sith Lords Darth Destructis, Malgus, Marr, and Thanaton and Imperious. As Such They have A Respirator Mask and Receive Sealed Helmets.

In the Helmets is A Three-Part Mechanism, The Underlay Which Connects to External Cybernetics On The Body, and Project A Holographic Image in The Ocular Implants. The Underlay is Then Covered By A Modified Cortosis-Durasteel Skin Which has Polarised Lens Installed to Counter Flashbang or Storms of Light Blinding A Pathfinder. The Skin is Then Covered By An Overlay Of Phrik and UltraChrome Microweave Which Braces the Head and Neck against Damage. The Overlay Doubles as A Secondary Skin, Since It is Used as A Complete Head-Glove. This is Then Followed By A Two Part Helmet, The Face Guard and Respirator Plate is Connected to The Front of the Armor and is Followed By A Secondary Top Piece, Which Covers the Back of The Neck and Head. Inside the Helm is A Implant Signal Reactive Receiver, Which Performs According to the Wearers Mental Wishes.

The Armor Itself Is Environmentally Sealed and Made From a Phrik-Neuranium Base-Metal. The Armor Contains Various Systems Such As A Stealth-Field Generator, Portable Shield Generator, and Generally A Audio Dampner, to Reduce Sound Profiles. The Stealth-Field Generator is Usually Enhanced with an Environmental Camouflage Adapter to Literally Blend in with The Surroundings. 

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