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Ravage Oppress is the Son of Savage Opress and Asajj Ventress. He was trained by his Uncle, and later Darth Sidious as a Sith Assassin. Like his Father, Ravage was Enhanced by the Nightsisters Magicks. Ravage was the First Darthomiri Male to Be Taught the Nightsisters Magicks, and Used them in addition to the Dark Side of the Force to Massively Augment his Strength


Early Childhood and Upbringing

Born on Darthomir as the Secret Son of Savage Opress, Ravage was destined to become a Great Warrior, to that End he was Secretly taught Nightsister Magicks, and was Instructed by the Dagoyan Masters, Baron Do Sages, and Aing-Tii Monks. Ravage was Born with an Nearly Insatiable Hunger for Knowledge of Foreign Combat Disciplines.

When he had Learned all he could, Ravage Left Darthomir, and became the Sith Apprentice to his Uncle, Darth Maul. Though Sidious Later Took him on as a Servant.


Ravage became a Formidable Lightsaber Duelist, Force Combatant, and Military Tactician. He Frequently used The Aggressive Strikes and Attacks of Form V. But frequently used Vaapad, Soresu, Juyo, and Niman. His Innate Ferocity and Penchant for Aggression made him a Dangerous Opponent. Darth Sidious soon feared that Ravage would betray him and Sent Vader to Kill Him.

Ravage Fought Valiantly Against Vader, even Managing To Cripple his Life Support Systems. But Vader Soon Impaled Ravage through the Chest with his Lightsaber, before Using the Force to pull a Building down on top of him.

A New Path

Behind the scenes

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