The Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, also known as both the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge and the Ministry of Ancient Knowledge, was one of twelve Spheres of Influence of the Sith Empire. Headed by a Dark Councilor, the Sphere was responsible for the protection and expansion of Sith knowledge.


The Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge was a power-base of the Sith Empire responsible for guarding and research of ancient Sith knowledge. As with every other pyramid within the Empire, it was composed of many other power-bases of Sith Lords, all vying to increase their own strength and standing amongst the Sith, though which ever power-base they served or controlled, ultimately all in the pyramid answered the Dark Councilor at its head.

Between 3642 BBY and 3641 BBY, the pyramid had three successive leaders in a relatively short amount of time, after Darth Arctis died in unknown circumstances, he was replaced by Darth Thanaton. But Thanaton's victory was short-lived as he lost his own Kaggath against his rival, Lord Kallig, who defeated him in front of the other members of the Dark Council and was put out of his misery by Darth Mortis, head of the Sphere of Laws and Justice. Upon returning to Dromund Kaas, both Kallig's and Thanaton's allies and servants pledged allegiance to the new Dark Lord of the Sith and Dark Councilor.

It was only under Darth Imperious did the Sphere truly come into it's own. Imperious's Methods Completely Revolutionised the Way His Subordinates sought Knowledge. His Wealth Paid For Exotic Technology to Be Used by his Subordinates

Later, on Rishi, Darth Imperious's Lieutennant, Moff Pyron, briefed Imperious on current military movements, he advised Imperious seek out Lord Veijel, who believed he had found the means of granting the Darth eternal life. Though Talos Drellik advised against it, Imperious granted Veijel resources to pursue their goal of eternal life.

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